Past event


March 14th Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) 2016



It happened in 2016

Hamburg was the first stop of our 2016 edition. Programmatic Direct was in the air. Or should we say up in the Clouds? The stunning location, with a panoramic view over Hamburg inspired everyone. Again, the 1to1 Roadshow rhymed with efficient meetings with all the key German digital players. Many special guests this year. The’s product team introduced its TECH IT EASY session, giving publishers the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the new’s features in the pipeline. Our Product Director even got elected as Best Programmatic Date ever! Vincent Flood, from Video Ad News, also covered the event to capture the good business vibes of this new 1to1 Roadshow German edition.

Business Facts

March 14, 2016 is a date to remember with prestigious names both from the sell and buy sides striking a lot of deals! Speedy efficient business meetings, that’s what the 1to1 Roadshow is all about, even more this year, as people embraced and praised the format of the event. To name a few of our premium supply guest list: OMS, Clipkit, Spiegel, stailamedia, Hi-media, Discovery channel, SevenOne Media, Axel Springer. And the major global buyers were here for this now annual rendez-vous: Affiperf, GroupM, CadreON, OMG and AOD. The networking was also a great success, with a crowd of 60 people, welcoming extra guests on the DSP and buyer front, such as Tubemogul,CaptchaAd, AOL, Ebay, Opera, Everybody wants more of the 1to1 Roadshow: more dates, more business!

Fun Facts

If you take a look at the gallery section, you will see that we got everyone smiling big. The location surely contributed to that, the food as well, and again our out of the box creativity made its mark. Everybody felt like a programmatic hero! This session was all about embracing programmatic direct while enjoying the easygoing vibes that only the team can create. Axel Muhr, Spiegel’s Technical Director said it perfectly: “It is not just business centric, it is like being part of a family”. #SpiegelSpreadingTheLove!