Past event


June 2nd follow 2015


1to1 Roadshow Amsterdam 2015

It happened in 2015

Amsterdam was our third stop and again, a great programmatic crowd gathered!

Seeing so many publishers in one morning offered many new insights and possibilities for buyers. Walking around the tables where speed datings were happening, the programmatic chatter did not stop: “Premium Inventory”, “Private Exchanges”, “Deal IDs”, “TV Broadcaster”, “Pre Roll”, “In-Text Roll”, “Brand-Safety”… Programmatic Video was the rockstar of online advertising.

Business Facts

More than 20 people attended the speed dating.  On the sell side, we got lots of great players : Massarius, Video Media Groep, Streamads, Ster, Just Premium, BrandDeli. The buy side matched up, with Media Science, Yieldr, Platform 161, Strictly Digital, Pervorm. Everybody got what they were looking for: deals!

Fun Facts

The weather changed overnight. And we had to say goodbye to the amazing rooftop and say hello the Floor17 Restaurant! Never mind, we adapted, the 1to1 Roadshow must go on!


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