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Programmatic Direct?

Programmatic direct comes to life with the 1to1 Roadshow by FreeWheel

Ready to boost your programmatic direct transactions?

Get ready for a deal ID speed-dating and smart casual networking!


The 1to1 Roadshow is the first event dedicated to programmatic direct because programmatic direct means serious business.


 eMarketer reports “programmatic direct will continue to increase more quickly than real-time bidding, growing from 52.0% of all programmatic spending this year to 54.0% by 2017”.  And on the video market, where demand outstrips supply, programmatic direct is a logical trading choice offering an automated trading method while giving the same sort of control and direct relationship as a direct sale. Both price and inventory can be guaranteed, even in an upfront manner if desired.


The 1to1 Roadshow is clearly business-oriented, helping premium publishers and major buyers better understand and leverage programmatic direct. Don’t take our word for it and see for yourself.

The 1to1 Roadshow is your very first date with programmatic direct.


2017  will mark the 3rd year anniversary of the 1to1 roadshow. We will be visiting even more locations! Stay tuned.




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happened in 2015

Looking back on 2015

The European programmatic industry praised the very first edition of the 1to1 Roadshow by FreeWheel. In 2015, the 1to1 Roadshow stopped in four main European cities (Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam and Milan) gathering 50+ premium media brands (including TF1, Ster, Spiegel, RCS, M6, Manzoni, Conde Nast…) and major buyers (including GroupM, Mindshare, Xaxis, Cadreon, OMG…). They all enjoyed this new business experience, helping them to better grasp the potential of programmatic direct.